Meeting Code of Conduct

South Brunswick Fire District #3 Commissioners Code of Conduct during public sessions.

1. Public comment, whether during the public segment of the District meeting or during a duly designated public hearing, shall be limited to three (3) minutes per person. The Chair at their discretion may allow for longer times when appropriate.

2. Any person wishing to speak at a public meeting during the public participation segment or during a public hearing, when a shall raise his or her hand. When recognized by the Chairman or presiding commissioner, the individual must stand and state his or her name, address and, if appropriate, group affiliation and must state the subject he or she will be addressing.

3. Comments must relate to the purpose of the public hearing or to legitimate District Commissioners business and must be addressed to the Chairman. Attendees may not address the other members of the board unless recognized by the Chairman.

4. The Chairman or the presiding commissioner shall designate another elected officer as timekeeper.

5. District Commissioners, speakers and audience members must observe proper decorum. Any statement made during the meeting or during a public hearing by the District Commissioners, town officials or employees or members of the general public shall not involve persona, impertinent or slanderous attacks on individuals, regardless of whether the individual so attacked is an elected official, a town official or employee or a member of the general public.

6. The Chairman or the presiding officer shall control the meeting. The use of profane, vulgar, inflammatory, threatening, abusive or disparaging language, or racial or ethnic slur directed at the members of the District Commissioners, or employees, and members of the general public, or statements by a person attending the meeting which are not made during the public participation segment of the agenda or during a public hearing, shall not be tolerated.

7. It is inappropriate to utilize a public meeting for the purpose of making political speeches, will not be tolerated.

8. No person attending a meeting or public hearing shall engage in booing otherwise disrupt the formality of the proceedings. Handclapping is permitted with the approval of the Chairman or the presiding commissioner.

9. Banners, flyers or other signs intended to disrupt the formality of the proceedings are not permitted at the meeting.

10. Any person who disregards the directives of the Chairman or residing officer in enforcing the rules or generally conducts himself or herself in a boisterous or inappropriate manner while addressing the District Commissioners or otherwise during a meeting disturbs the peace at a meeting will be barred from further participation and lose any balance of time remaining for his or her comment.

11. If a speaker who violates these rules refuses to step down, the Chairman or the presiding officer may ask the individual to be removed from the meeting room.